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Welcome to Sportssage - specialists in Sports Therapy, Manual Therapy, Massage and Musculoskeletal disorders

Set up and developed by fully qualified, caring professional therapists, our consultation offers an in-depth diagnosis, treatment and further preventative therapy facility to help you maximise your physical wellbeing and enjoy life to the full.

High calibre sports professionals including footballers, cricketers, cyclists and athletes are frequently amongst our client bookings.

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Sports Therapist

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Sportssage Manual Therapy

Sports Therapy

Full injury diagnosis and treatment

Health Care

X-ray, CT and MRI scanning on a private basis

Posture & Gait Analysis

Full body posture analysis plus gait study from one of the country's leading podiatrists

Manual Therapy

Preventative care to alleviate symptoms and full health management of your body


Stress can be one of the biggest causes of physical pain. Correct massage can help sleep patterns, relaxing, improve mental awareness and nurture a sense of calmness and well-being

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Monday: 1pm-8pm
Tuesday: 9.30am-5pm
Wednesday: 9.30am-5pm
Thursday: 8.45am-5pm
Friday: closed
Saturday: 9am-1pm

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